Embark in the adventure of a lifetime!

Look deep into nature, and you will
understand everything better.

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Why travel with Starlight?

Each trip is carefully crafted to leave you free to live in the moment and enjoy your vacation without a worry in the world. Have the confidence to explore the real depth of the places you choose. You can leave the guidebooks at home and immerse in the experience.

Peace of Mind

Imagine traveling without a worry in the world. From the moment you arrive, we take care of it all and take care of you. All you have to do is relax and enjoy. Every detail is taken care of.

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What is a Spiritual Retreat?

Is a safe space where you can experience complete renewal and gain a high level of self-knowledge. For those who believe in God or in any other higher power, it's also the perfect setting for a profound meeting with your higher-self.

Hi! I'm Claudia

I have traveled the globe for over 20 years and know the places that everyone should experience in their lifetime and why. I hold a deep knowledge of the landmarks, special ancient sites, temples and iconic experiences so that you uncover the very best of wherever you choose to go. This ground knowledge plus my spiritual and holistic background brings you more than a tour, it brings you an AMAZING EXPERIENCE.


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